for your proffesional Santa!

You have come to the right place for a good, kind, charming and above all the only real classic “Santa Claus”.

Who is MSEntertainment and what can I do for you?

Let me introduce myself;
 I am Marco Slinger  and director of MSEntertainment. For over 30 years I preform as presenter, actor, clown/children entertainer and DJ. 14 years ago I saw some pore Christmas entertainment. For me that was the drive to bring Christmas to the people the way it should be, pure and from the heart! Since that day I preform  as  the only real “Santa Claus”, with great pleasure and commitment. In the meantime I work with four very high quality “Santa Claus’s ” who I send out to various very interesting projects. The “Santa Claus” have extensive experience and arrive at the biggest store chain of Holland and Europe, such as the Beehive (Bijenkorf Netherlands), Media Market, Decathlon. We also performed  at various hotel chains,  Mercure Hotel Abu Dhabi & Van der Valk hotels, at Christmas markets, at home and abroad, at corporate events, presentations and exhibitions.

“Santa Claus” appeared on several television,  internet commercials and a diversity of television programs in Holland, England and United Arab Emirates (Dubai & Abu Dhabi). “Santa Claus” is also popular in Radio presentations & activities for charity like the Christmas Kick Off Sky Radio & Radio 3 (Dutch national radio charity event off the international Red Cross, Serious Request).

I also take care for  more than 10 years “Santa Claus” for Coca-Cola in the Netherlands! For me it is an honor to say that I am the one and only “Santa Claus” of Coca-Cola, they are finally the creature of “Santa Claus” and the designers of the modern Christmas! I perform in the magical Christmas tour in Holland, traveling around and make a lot of people very happy and give them the special Christmas feeling.

In recent years I also took care of the “Santa Claus” for several international events. “Santa Claus” is for this reason known internationally and is greatly appreciated. Companies like SBS6 group, RTL Group, Stage Entertainment & Dutch, Coca-Cola,  national television preceded you, These company’s like to use our Santa’s in TV shows and Christmas notices.

Since December 2015 I bring Christmas in the United Arab Emirates Dubai (Abu Dhabi). I was invited in December 2015 in Abu Dhabi to be allowed to open the WTC Mall for the Christmas feeling and it was a very special experience. It was a great success for “Santa Claus” which led to considerable media attention in the Emirates.