December 20-29, 2024

About rent a santa

Marco Slinger is my name and I am the director of MSEntertainment. I have been working as a presenter, actor, Clown/children's entertainer and DJ for 30 years. 14 years ago I saw shabby Christmas entertainment. For me this was the motivation to bring Christmas to people the way it should be. Pure and from the Heart! Since then I provide the one and only Santa Claus with great pleasure & commitment. I now work with 4 very good quality Santa Clauses that I can deploy on various projects. For example, the "Santa Clauses" have extensive experience and appear in stores including the Bijenkorf & Mediamarkt, several large shopping malls, various hotel chains including Mercure hotel Abu Dhabi & various Van der Valk hotels, at Christmas markets at home & abroad, at corporate events, presentations and trade shows.

Santa also appeared at several radio presentations and charity activities such as the Christmas Kick Off of Sky Radio & Radio 3 (Dutch National Radio charity action of the International Red Cross, Serious Request). I have also been providing for 10 years Santa Claus for Coca Cola Holland!! We have been touring the Netherlands with the magical Christmas truck for 10 years now. For me it is an honor to be able to say that I have been Santa Claus for Coca Cola Netherlands for the past 10 years. After all, they are the creators of Santa Claus and the designers of modern Christmas!

In recent years, I provided Santa Claus for several international events. Our Santa Claus is therefore internationally known and by now highly appreciated for this reason. Companies like SBS6 group, RTL group, Stage Entertainment and Dutch national television preceded you and since December 2015 I am also known in Dubai (Abu Dhabi). For example, in December 2015 I was invited to Abu Dhabi to be allowed to open the WTC Mall n Christmas atmosphere and make this a big party for several days. This was a great success which led to great media attention in the Emirates.