December 20-29, 2024

Rent a santa

Huur bij ons de enige echte kerstman

A real Santa Claus at your event, corporate party or mall? Or in your online Christmas greeting or Christmas promotion. Here you will find the most beautiful and inspired Santa!

The Christmas girls and Christmas lady will gladly join him and take the most beautiful pictures or hand out delicious wreaths! Please inquire quickly about the possibilities, we now have an offer! The "Christmas Package" 4 hours Santa Claus for €495,00.

'The' difference? I don't play Santa, I 'am' Santa !

Anything can be discussed with us and we will gladly work with you to find a nice interpretation! Also for the singing Santa Claus you have come to the right place. Santa Claus can solo (or with Christmas ladies) at your party or event walking around taking pictures and even singing live with his guitar. But also we, Santa Claus with his Christmas lady at your event live and 'on stage' can increase the Christmas atmosphere by singing their repertoire..

The Netherlands

Available throughout the netherlands

on location

Bookable per part of the day

The real santa

Also speaks for groups

20 - 26 Dec


Rent Santa directly for your event

Santa Claus can be rented per half day!